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The house, located in the dstrict Vecchiuzzo, north, 500m from the central square, where they are located all commercial activities (bar-tobacco, restaurant, pub, food) and services (bank, post office, city hall and medical ) and to the south, just a few meters from the sub-urban park, located upstream of the country, is part of a structure built in the mid 90 '.
The landscape is impressive from the large panorama which extends from the most the high side, where you can wander along the valley of Fitalia from the high peaks of Nebrodi the coast of the Tyrrhenian Sea.
the country is made ​​up of various services, both recreational and cultural as the pool, the central square, the park, the town park, a facility for the reproduction of film and video, a tennis court, a racecourse, a library, a chapel still in the process of organization (former convent of nuns), a football field and municipal a sports venue.


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C/Da Prato n° 8/D Patti (Me)
Tel/Fax: +39 094122787
Mobile: +39 3470955132
Email: sfazio@alice.it

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