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The territory of Patti and Tindari is rich in cultural sites, religious and naturalistic. Among other things, it is close to other places of tourist interest such as the Aeolian Islands, Montabano Elicona, one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, and Nebrodis, with numerous small towns that preserve cultural and natural heritage of great value.
Patti is washed by a sea of dreams, which stands out for its cleanliness and its crystallinity with shades of light / dark that make this piece of sea among the most fascinating of the coast, where flora and fauna are put together in a perfect mix. A dream to make diving and sea trips to the Aeolian Islands Vulcano, Stromboli, Salina, Panarea, Alicudi Fidicudi and Lipari. For those who would love hiking in the mountains or simply walking in the pristine nature of this region are endless places, with paths and trails of every type and taste, to feel in touch with nature on offer in this beautiful area.
Defined by the Arabs "island within an island," the region of the Nebrodis, for its establishment and for its geomorphological vegetation, differs from all other environments Sicilian presenting itself as a system full of rhythm, color and harmony. The rounded peaks, the gentle slopes, the high plains, the valleys are broad and regular, the Nebrodis, the morphological prevalent. The landscape, for example, becomes more varied and tormented as you head in the direction of Peloritani, to take bold shapes and spectacular at the main limestone outcrops. Here the profiles become erratic and bizarre, the walls s'impennano, water courses run by narrow valleys and deeply embedded in the rock. Such examples are visible in the streams Rosemary, Favara, Fitalia, Tortorici, Roccella. But the show's most fascinating is offered by the imposing rocky ramparts that rise, behind Alcara Li Fusi, up to 1315 m, once unchallenged domination of eagles and vultures. The chain of Nebrodis runs east-west for over 70 km, keeping the crow flies odds are high. The Nebrodi Park, established August 4, 1993, is the newest of the three parks in Sicily, and the most populous (about 200.000 inhabitants) and the largest (about 85.000 ha). Within its perimeter are distinguished four different areas, depending on the environmental values to be defended and activities for exercise:
Zone A (26.500 ha), of integral reserve. Includes all the beech forests, the rare populations of rate, the most important wetlands, some fine rock formations. Among the activities are permitted, include hiking, skiing, mountaineering and hiking, cross-country skiing, the first collection of mushrooms and other underbrush. It is not permitted, however, to introduce motor vehicles, remove plants or parts of them, remove or tamper with rocks or fossils, abandon waste, engage in sports that could compromise the integrity of the environment.
Zone B (44.500 ha), of general reserve. It includes all the remaining woodlands of oak, cork oak, and other minor species. Allowed normal activities agro, forestry, pastoral and those proposed for the area A. Are prohibited new buildings and works which result in the permanent transformation of the territory.
Zone C (500 ha), of protection, where they are permitted activities aimed at enhancing the Park, such as tourist facilities, recreational, cultural and sporting activities.
Zone D (13.000 ha), of control, in which you can exercise all activities, except those that are incompatible with the first purpose of the park.

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