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Halfway between Cape Calava and Tindari , Patti enjoys a scenic location , situated as it is on two sloping hills on a gulf of the same name gulf of Patti with a central characteristic rock shaped like a crouching lion . To the north you can admire the enchanting spectacle of aeolian and east of the entire west coast of the gulf. In such a privileged position , Patti has lived his centuries , after witnessing an incessant succession of conquest and domination . Some would like to explain the etymology of his name by deriving from the greek " Epactem " which means " on the edge ", perhaps the Providence side of the river , where they came to light archaeological evidences of that group of houses belonging to the given "Villa Roman " . Most historians agree Patti coeval or at least descendant of the nearby ancient Tyndaris founded by Dionysius the Elder in 396 BC as a military outpost . With the Normans was founded the monastery of St. Saviour where he was appointed Abbot Ambrose. On the death of the great Count Roger happens for a short regency Adelasia the queen , who built the castle in Patti later collapsed and there rebuilt the current bishop's palace . Towards the mid-1200s began the unrest to steal the town to feudal jurisdiction . When Patti is granted by King Peter II of Aragon Blasco seems to be to blur the communal freedom for which they fought so hard pattesi . In fact, only in 1537 , with the payment of 1,000 shields , Patti get from the title of Charles V Magnanimous . In 1638 Ascanio Ansalone looking to buy with the outlay of 20,000 ounces the city of Patti , but the citizens pattesi manage to raise the money to redeem their freedom and to become so Patti , a free city and freed from feudal rights. Under the Bourbons Patti obtained by Ferdinand the title of " Senate " , this Senate is chaired by the then Mayor . Only during the 1900s Patti began recording an increase of building type and begins to expand to the flat area and towards the sea , thus forming a single city with the village marina. The old town remains perched at the top around the cathedral , seminary, and his bishop's palace .

Museum of the Ancient Ceramics Pattesi
An exhibition of "Ancient Pottery Pattesi" was staged in a nineteenth-century Villa Pisani depadance Patti Marina, the exhibition reflects the 50 different types of objects of the artisan workshops of potters pattesi. The approximately 650 objects in the collection allow the visitor to realize more that five hundred years of local history related to the production and export of the products. The production Patti has been appreciated all over the Mediterranean, hence left hundreds of thousands of "texts pignati" crammed into every kind of boat capable to face the sea. Villa Pisani is now home to the small museum that is why a prestigious recovery of our past.

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