The Roman Villa





The Roman Villa

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The Roman Villa
Patti Marina
(II-IV se. d.C.)

Down to the sea are visible archaeological remains of the Roman period. It is a villa covers an area of ​​about 20,000 square meters, built in the early fourth century. A.D. following the demolition of an earlier building dating back to the II-III century. A.D., in implanted structures of II-I century. AD, the villa Patti Marina, is an interesting document of spatial planning in Sicily in late ancient times, when you realize, therefore the affirmation of large estates, vast architectural complexes, which combine the function with the housing production. Destroyed by an earthquake at the end of the fourth century. AD, the villa continued to be visited, albeit with significant changes, until after the sixth century AD, some inhumation burials, found in the area to the east of the complex, and a full documentation of ceramic and numismatic material comes largely in cover X and XI century AD The residential building, discovered during the works for the construction of the Messina-Palermo, in August 1973, is located north of the hills on which lies the modern city of Patti, on the right bank of the river Montagnareale, in close to the coast of what was once the old route of the Via Valeria. There are many areas that can be seen (salt apse flanked by salt baths and massages, reading, gymnastics) and almost all bearing polychrome mosaics depicting mostly animals within octagons interspersed with floral ornaments and geometrical figures. Later on Roman construction, overlapped Byzantine walls (three tombs have been found from this period) and medieval.

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